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John Deere EDL V3 Aftermarket Kit | Development Progress

The current state of non-original John Deere Diagnostic Adapter EDL V3 product development

John Deere EDL V3 Clone


As for right now, 2021, we do not have a functioning John Deere Diagnostic Kit EDL V3 aftermarket kit on the market now and a John Deere genuine diagnostic kit will easily cost $1500 and more. We only have CAT ET3, Cummins Inline 5, ISUZU EMPS3 and Volvo Vocom


When can I expect a functional John Deere Diagnostic kit to be on market?

Well, it's not that simple. All other aftermarket diagnostic tools available now are made in China, and the reason they're made is because there's domestic demand for such products for local technicians as CAT, ISUZU, Inline 5 and Volvo models are commonly found in China. John Deere on the other hand, have near zero presence in Chinese domestic market, and therefore, no development has been made to create an aftermarket John Deere Diagnostic Kit, or John Deere replacement parts for that matter.


When or how will John Deere diagnostic kit be available on the market?

Right now, the developers of diagnostic tools are not interested in developing a John Deere diagnostic kit but it's possible if a company that saw the demand for John Deere diagnostic kit may be able to persuade the manufacturers otherwise. To make it happen, said company will have to convince the developers and manufacturers to start making John Deere diagnostic kit.

If any company or person would like to communicate with the diagnostic kits manufacturers in China, you can contact us. But please be very aware, a development for a totally new product will be a time-consuming and likely an expensive process. We do not guarantee any results will come from negotiation as it depends on the manufacturers decision in the end whether to make the product or not. All we can do is facilitate the communication.

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