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Q: I'm looking for ______ part. Do you have it?

Not all our inventories are online, please message us if you are looking for a particular part.

Q: Why are your products cheaper?

We setup a company in China to source directly from manufacturers. Our products did not go through any other trading companies. Everything we have is directly sourced from manufacturers or dealers.

Q: Why do you have so limited product types?

We are electric parts specialist. We are not parts trading company that sell everything. There will be no quality control if we just sell whatever part available. We know our electric parts and everything we listed are products that we have been selling for years.

Q: Can I get a custom-made part for my machine?

It depends on what you need to be custom-made for your machine. We need more details and it can be a long process for custom-made parts.

Q: Can I get a custom-made wire harness?

For CAT excavators, yes. As long as you got the part number, we can make the wire harness for your CAT excavator with CAT blueprint. Even when the wire is extinct or not available anywhere, we may be able to make it depending on material and diagram availability.

Q: I have a broken expensive/ extinct excavator controller or ECU. Do you offer repairs?

Yes, we got professionals in our company that fix ECU and monitors but things like import duty may be difficult as any international shipment to our company will be considered an import. You can discuss fixing ECU and monitors with us and see what we can do.