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CAT320D E320D Chassis Wire Harness C6 C6.4 306-8777 3068777

CAT320D E320D Chassis Harness C6.4 306-8777 3068777 291-7590 2917590

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Product Information for CAT320D E320D Chassis Harness C6.4 306-8777 3068777 291-7590 2917590

  • There are 2 variant. $1600 and $2550. If you need a decent replacement, $1600. If you want it to be as good as original, $2550.
  • $2550 harness will be made with CAT original blueprint and branded materials. 
  • For both options, we guarantee the replacement wire will be fully functional and should not lack any features
  • We need 3-5 days to make.
  • We make this with original plugs and materials.
  • We will make according to the order part number


Excavator Models: CAT320D with C6.4 Engine

This is the chassis harness of 320D. The largest wire on the CAT 320D machine. 

Shipping: This product will be shipped from Hong Kong. It will take 1 Week to North America and Asian Countries. 7-10 Days to South America and Europe.

Taxation: This will be an international shipment so make sure you know your country import regulations. For USA, shipment below $800 can be considered personal use and thus, will not be taxed. 

Payment: Telegraphic Transfer and Western Union. You can also purchase directly on our website with Paypal.

Origin: China

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