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Return and Delivery Policies


In this section, we believe it is best to be as honest as possible with our customers:

In case of Quality Defects and Returns

We sell stable and higher quality products on and we have rarely encounter any quality defects. 

Most of our products are 1.5x and sometimes multiple times more expensive and better than the cheapest variants. A lot of products are also genuine.

Our defects rate on the variants of products sold on this website are <1% so far. In case of quality defects, we will work out compensation. Buyer guarantee can be seen on individual product pages. Every product is different.

Genuine Products

ALL Genuine products are NOT returnable, refundable and will not be available for any claim. We only guarantee it is genuine. For instance, if we sell you a CAT part, the product only goes through us, we only get better prices from dealers. We are not responsible for Original Brands. We are only responsible for our own OEM and Aftermarket parts.



Our customers are responsible for their own countries import taxes. We cannot pay taxes for our customers.