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Return and Delivery Policies


In case of Quality Defects and Returns

We sell stable and higher quality products on and we have rarely encounter any quality defects. All the products we have are products we have been selling for years. We are an excavator parts specialist and we do not sell products that we are not familiar. Quality control is everything to us. We know which manufacturer make better products and which don't.

In case of quality defects, we will work out compensation. Most products are returnable with very few exceptions. For instance, wire harness will never break unless due to external factors and thus, there will not be any returns. All post-sale support will depend on what product it is an on a case by case basis.

Genuine Products

We sell genuine products. However, we do not offer post-sale support for other brands. We are only responsible for post-sale support for our aftermarket and OEM products. Some brands like PERKINS may have global warranty and you may consult the particular brand if they offer post-sale support for product of their brand purchased elsewhere.


For US, invoice value of $1000 and below are usually not eligible for import duty. Taxes will depend on the country you reside in as you are purchasing from an international vendor, import regulation applies when the shipment enter your country.