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460-0132 CAT 330D2 320D2 320F 320D3 ECM Controller ECU

460-0132 CAT ECM Controller Gp 320D2 320D3

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Product information for 460-0132 CAT ECM Controller GP 320D2 320D3

  • The photo is exactly how the item looks like when we acquire it but when you receive it, there will be NO CAT LOGO on the box. That is due to customs regulations restrictions. 

  • The item can come programmed or unprogrammed. Contact us for more details.

Applicable: 312F, 313F, 313F L, 316F, 316F L, 318F, 318F L, 320D2, 320D2 L, 320D3 320D3 GC, 320F L, 323D2, 323D2 L, 323D3, 323F, 323F L, 323F LN, 323F SA, 325F, 325F LCR, 326D2, 326D2 L, 326F, 326F L, 326F LN, 330D2, 330D2 L, 330F, 330F L, 330F LN, 335F, 335F LCR, 336F, 336F L, 336F L XE, 336F LN, 336F LNXE, 336F XE, 336FMHPU, 340, 340F, 340F L LRE, 349F, 349F L

Condition: 100% Brand new

Quality: Genuine

Available Part Number:


Shipping: This product will be shipped from Hong Kong. It will take 1 Week to North America and Asian Countries. 7-10 Days to South America and Europe.

Taxation: This will be an international shipment so make sure you know your country import regulations. For USA, shipment below $800 can be considered personal use and thus, will not be taxed. 

Payment: You can pay with Telegraphic Transfer/Western Union or Paypal in small quantity. If you order in large quantity, we usually do LC at sight.

Origin: Dealer

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