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238-2319 Fuse Base Assembly CAT 320D 320D2 325D 336D 345D

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Product information for 238-2319 Fuse Base Assembly CAT 320D 320D2 325D 336D 345D

  • This is genuine 
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Condition: 100% Brand new

Excavator Models: CAT 325D L 330D L 349D2 L 315F LCR 319D L 312D L 323, 336D L 330D2 L 345C, 323D2 L 319D LN 324D L 336 320D GC M325D L MH 336D, 320D2, 311F LRR 313D2 LGP 330 GC 330D2 330D MH 326D2, 326D2 L 345D L 336D LN 336D2 L 329D L 323D L 349D2, 320D2 L 313D, 320D FM 314F CR 325D, 313D2, 313D2 GC 320D L 328D LCR 320D, 345D L VG 336D2, 312D2 GC 312D, 323D, 329D2, 323D3 345C L 320D3 349D L 320D2 GC 336D2 GC 312D2 L 311D LRR 320 GC 320D RR 323D2 340D2 L 330D, 320, 318D2 L 324D, 315D L 320D LRR 312D2, 336 GC 329D, 324D LN 329D2 L M325D MH 329D LN 314E LCR 336D2 LXE 345C MH

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Shipping: 1 Week to North America and Asian Countries. 7-10 Days to South America and Western Europe/Russia. 

Payment: You can pay with Telegraphic Transfer/Western Union or Paypal in small quantity. If you order in large quantity, we usually do LC at sight.

Origin: CAT Dealer

If you live in a country that tends to block imported products, please make sure you can clear the customs if it gets blocked. Genuine parts are considered branded products and may be more prone to being blocked.

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