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XCMG XE245 Review

Excavator Talk Series - Chinese Excavator XCMG XE245 Review

Disclaimer: This is not professional advice, please do not make equipment investment based on this blog post. This is simply an operator sharing his experience with this particular machine

 XCMG XE245 Excavator

XE245 is instantly recognizable by it's yellow paint and black-tinted cabin. It comes with a set of headlights on top of the cabin and the headlights placement is already better than some backwater excavator brands.

XE245 Interior

The cabin features are pretty standard. AC, radio, lighter are all there. One of the main issue with interior is that the cabin is often very wobbly when the machine is running, like many other excavators. Aside from that, there are also a lot of faults to be found in the cabin. The cabin door and window design is bad and easily stuck. The seat isn't comfortable for a long day of work and always result in back pain.

XE245 Work Results

We can't say XCMG particularly excels at anything but it's pretty close to the big brands of excavators as of now. The movements are smooth, precise, acceptable work-fuel efficiency.

Most of the weaknesses of this machine and XCMG brand is in the details. There are a lot of minor issues that leaves a lot to be improved.

End thoughts

To sum it up, XCMG meets the standard for most part in excavator motion, speed, fuel efficiency. The cons however, is that the excavator has a lot of minor issues, loud noises and also, the parts can be hard to come by.


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