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The Great Semiconductors Shortage | How does it affect parts supply?

The Global Semiconductors Shortage in 2021. What does it mean for your excavators, dozers, loaders, and off-roads vehicles in general?


It seems we can't get anything from a PS5, GPU or maybe most importantly, vehicle parts right now, especially those expensive parts like ECM, ECU and Monitors. Well, I have bad news for you.

Youtubers Wendover Productions and Polymatter have explained what's going on with the global computer chips supply chains. To summarize, all electronics including electric vehicle parts is facing shortages right now as of 2021. So what does it mean for you and me? What does it mean for replacement parts and vehicle maintenance? How difficult will it be for us to obtain the parts we need for repairs?


The current situation

Certain aftermarket excavator monitors like CAT 320B 151-9385 is unable to manufactured right now due to current circumstances. Obviously CAT monitors are not the only parts under shortage. These aftermarket parts is nowhere to be found as factories in China scramble to find the computer chips needed to manufacture this part. That means most buyers will have to turn to genuine dealers and have to procure the part at a much higher price point.


Look after your machine ECU, Monitors and Sensors

Basically you do not want anything with computer chips in your vehicles to break right now. You never know what part may be in shortage and you'd not want to wait out the shortage as it will last until possibly next year.


How long will I have to wait?

That is certainly the question which we are concerned. If I do not want to buy a $5000 Volvo ECU, how long do I have to wait for a replacement? 

Well, the semiconductors shortage is expected to last until next year. Make sure to plan ahead!

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