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Saved $20 by fixing a solenoid coil myself

How I saved myself $20 by fixing an excavator solenoid coil

Original post by Cehome user. This post is merely a translation of the original.

My very own SUMITOMO SH130A5

As a small time excavator owner who operates and takes care of his own only excavator, I've done a good job keeping this machine in good shape

The problem emerges

An error code on my relatively new excavator almost gave me a heart attack. After identifying the error code, it is the solenoid coil.

Hence, I bought a multimeter and started testing on it.

Turns out, this solenoid coil short circuited.

Well, it's a loss. An original replacement will set me back $80 and aftermarket ones are also around $50. 

So I took out a ruler and measured the circle diameter. I bought a cheap solenoid coil with the same diameter and 24V at ~$15.


I connected the solenoid coil. It does not hold perfectly on the spot so I DIY-ed the holdings myself.

The error code is gone. 

Bought LED lamps for my excavator with the $20 saved. Nice!

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