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SANY SY60C SY70C Parts and Repair Guide

SANY SY60C and SY70C Mini Excavators Parts and Repair Guide

SY60C repair

Author's intent

This guide mainly focuses on SANY SY60C and SY70C that debuts in 2007.

Please be aware that SANY changes a lot of their specifications during earlier days and thus, the same machine model can have different components.

This guide simply provide records of components brand for ease of sourcing parts from different dealers in case of replacement and some hydraulic repair manuals that our company possess.


Excavator Specs and components:
Weight class: 6.5ton (with shovel)
Bucket capacity: 0.25m3
Engine Brand: ISUZU
Power Rating: 40kW/2100RPM
Emission Standard: Euro 2 Emission
Hydraulic Main Pump Brand: Rexroth
Travel Motor Brand: Rexroth
Control Block: Rexroth LUDV Control Block

Hydraulic Oil Tank Brand: Toyo Engineering

AC System Brand: US Modine


Performance Expectancy

Bucket Loading: up to 90m3/hour

Fuel Consumption: 6.5L/hour

Bucket Strength: 46kN

Arm Strength: 32kN

Hydraulic Specification

Main Pump: A10V071

Main Valve: 8SX14

SY60C Travel Motor: GFT7 (Bosch)

SY70 Travel Motor: JMV-47/27-01-VBC-RJ-53 (Chinese brand)

Pilot Rod: 4TH6N

Pilot Stepper Control: 4TH6NR

Shovel Pilot Rod: 2TH6N

Geared Motor/Induction Motor: Bosch Rexroth R907470652 MHSTE5G10/35-45

Swing Motor: JMFG-36-01-VBR (Chinese Brand)

Oil Tank: Toyo Engineering

Hydraulic Diagrams


sany hydraulic diagram for mini excavator



sy60c sany excavator valve diagram



Left to Right: Boom Arm-Bucket-Dipper Arm-Left Travel-Right Travel-Hammer/Breaker-Shovel-Rotation-Swing

sany sy60c hydraulic control diagram


Diagram#4 (Oil Delivery)

sany oil delivery diagram



sx control valve sany sy60c sy70c


Diagram#6 (Mid Connection)

sany connection joint diagram





sany control diagram


Diagram#9 (pilot rod)

sany pilot valve diagram

Diagram#10 (Stepper Valve)

sany pilot stepper valve diagram
Diagram#11 Power Brake System
sany power brake system diagram
sany adjustable orifices mobile valve diagram
sany travel motor structure diagram
sany sy60c technical data

Diagram#16 (Hydraulic Circuit)

sany sy60c hydraulic circuit diagram


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