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Liebherr T 274 | 305t Payload, 3650HP

Liebherr T 274 is the new heavyweight mining haul truck with 305t payload and up to horsepower of 3650HP

Liebher T 274 Haul Truck
Source: Liebherr

The highest payload capacity for it's class

Liebherr's T 274 sits at a payload capacity of 305 metric-ton, which is the highest for a haul truck of it's size. With a horsepower of 3650HP and equipped with Liebherr Lithronic Plus AC Drive System in addition to it's advanced hydraulic system, it has achieved peerless efficiency in the quarry.

The new Liebherr T 274 no longer requires shifting gears during an uphill climb as the Liebherr Lithronic Plus AC Drive System will achieve consistent speed during the climb and with a 4500kW / 6035hp dynamic braking system to fall back on during a decent.

Quarry veteran T 284 as it's base model

Liebherr's T 274 is based on the framework of T 284 which had millions of collective service hours and decades of on field experience to refine upon.

It provides comfortable driver seat with HVAC system to maintain consistent indoor temperature. The haul truck is also equipped with noise-cancellation components to drastically reduce noise generation to avoid disruptions on other co-workers or any nearby residents. All Liebherr haul truck also provide 2 emergency ejection path to exit the truck. 

T 274 also excels in extreme environments. It can operate normally in -40℃ and in an elevation of 3500 meters up to 5000 meters. 

Match made by Liebherr with R 9800 

When paired with Liebherr's R 9800 Mining Excavator with a bucket size of 47m³, it can fill up it's load in just 4 scoops.

Options for greener operations

Owners can opt to install Trolley Truck Assist System. How it works is basically install a pantograph above the driving lanes of the truck and connect it to the truck's electric drive system to semi-automate driving between destinations of the truck. It can save up to 30% diesel fuels and emit less CO2 to pass checks in certain countries. 

Liebherr Trolley Truck Assist System

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