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Largest Auto Parts Market | Yong Fu Road

The largest auto parts wholesale market in the world | Yong Fu Auto Parts City in China

Image translates to: Yong Fu Auto Parts City

The location of auto parts city

Yong Fu Auto Parts City is located in Guangzhou, China. Google map below.


What is Yong Fu Auto Parts City?

Yong Fu Auto Parts City is a massive collection of small to large enterprises that trade auto parts and they are all located in the same area of the Guangzhou city. There are potentially thousands of auto parts retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers all banded in this incredibly competitive market. No other place in the world has such level of density of auto parts businesses.

You can find almost anything here as long as it's made in China. That's how the saying goes. If China makes it, you will find it here in Yong Fu Road.

Yongfu road auto parts townThe image represents a small part of the city and all shops in the image is a auto parts business that specializes in their own line of products

Why should you visit Auto Parts City?

If the photos haven't give it away, Yong Fu Auto City isn't exactly a tourist destination. It's a densely populated marketplace filled with somewhat old buildings with clumped streets and corner stores. But if you are a dedicated auto parts business, then you should at least visit the auto parts city once, if you ever get the chance.

Most international businesses "discovered" Yong Fu Road when they're visiting their suppliers or manufacturers in China. First they visited their sources, and then they realized the entire street is selling auto parts and accessories they might need, and within a few hours, they realized this entire part of the city is dedicated to auto parts businesses. 

Yong Fu Road is full of competitive auto parts businesses, although not every business here is a manufacturer, which almost everyone claims to be, businesses here are extremely competitive nonetheless, and that's good for any buyers. Have you ever wondered how can your Alibaba supplier can get you any auto parts or accessories in the world? Maybe they've rented an office amongst these businesses and just source anything you need from the market.

How much resources or time should my business dedicate to sourcing from this market?

It really depends. For most American or European businesses, it is likely not worth it for you to have a dedicated employee on the ground long term here in Yong Fu Road, especially if the person doesn't speak a word of Chinese. It is an amazing business travel destination nonetheless because you would gain insights on how the Chinese market works, discover new auto parts or even track new and exciting development of auto parts, accessories or tools.

Most foreign visitors of the market are yearly travelers, that is, business owners or co-owners themselves travel to this market during their yearly holiday and spend their time here getting as much done as possible and fly back to run their businesses. 

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