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Excavator Parts Supplier & Manufacturer: Factory Prices, Top Quality

Excavator Parts Supplier & Wholesaler-Factory Prices, Top Quality.

An actual source supplier.

Excavator parts best price

We understand that a supplier with amazing prices is difficult to find. Either they are not willing to sell in low MoQ or they just simply sells you low-end products at an expensive price. Not only that, after you purchase the products and you're unhappy with the quality, your supplier is nowhere to be found anymore.

In Ironfield Excavators, it's different.

We describe the products to you exactly what it is. If it's genuine, we'll tell you it's genuine. If it's a cheap crappy product, we'll tell you too. We always seek to make you our lifetime customer. We have products with all different qualities, from aftermarket to Japanese OEM to Genuine. All of these are factory one-stop.

Better Prices than Also better than local Chinese sellers.

Most of the companies on Alibaba are traders. They simply source from local Chinese markets and mark up the prices on Alibaba. That means that you can get your prices up to 20%-30% cheaper if you buy from us, and sometimes, the quality is even better.

We are a factory one-stop and we negotiate with different factories almost every single day to get the best possible price for you.

Our specialty

Excavator electric parts

We specialize in excavator electronic parts. Our most advantageous products are solenoid valves, wire harness and sensors. We also source monitors, accelerator motors, ECU controllers, injectors and SCV valves from factories. 

How do I know that you are a good supplier?

Hitachi ZX200-3 Full Wire Harness

This happened last week, as of writing this article at 28 November 2017. And something like this happens fairly often. Local customers placed large orders and we sent them our goods. The products in this photo are Hitachi ZX200-3 Full Vehicle Wire Harness. 15 Sets were placed at a time, at a total value of almost 15000USD.

If our products aren't great, we would not have gotten orders like this but orders like these happens often. And guess who we send these products to?

Export Companies who later sell it to you.

Now we are starting to export overseas. Come to us. Best prices awaits.


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