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Excavator Parts Dealer Cancel Orders as Parts Become Scarce

The semiconductors shortage has led to dealers cancelling orders as certain parts cannot be sourced

It is no longer news by now that there is a global semiconductors shortage going on right now but only fairly recently, it has really hit the end-user market in construction machines.

pc200-8 monitor components lcd computer chips

Image: Komatsu Monitor Components

The most affected components are ECUs and Monitors

ECUs and monitors are highly dependent on semiconductors as you can see in the photo. Without semiconductors, no ECUs or monitors can be manufactured. 

According to a dealer from a major excavator brand, parts for 13 tons and 20 tons machines are facing worse shortages than machine of other weight class right now.

Full scale impact of semiconductors shortage on end-user is already here

The construction machinery parts market is closely following the pattern of auto parts market right now. This is no surprise. Events like parts shortages, idle factories and price hikes are expected to continue throughout Q4 2021.

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