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DOOSAN DAEWOO DH DX Full Excavator Wiring Harness Catalogue

Complete Collection of DOOSAN and DAEWOO Wiring with Part Numbers

*This is a complete collection of DOOSAN and DAEWOO Wiring Harness that is available for sale. All listed part numbers are available for purchase. We usually have the entire wiring harness for a DH or DX model.

Since I do not have the photos of each individual wire, I might as well list the part numbers and models here on this post for searchability on the web. 

For purchase inquiries / quotations, contact Whatsapp +60128793220. 

Use CTRL+F to find the part number below



Part Number Model Wiring Part
310207-00559 DH60-7 Main Frame Chassis
530-00443 DH60-7 Power Switch
K1050832 DH60-7 Work Lamp
530-00381C DH60-7 Electric Box
530-00160B DH60-7 Left Control Panel
530-00161A DH60-7 Cabin Internal
530-00380B DH60-7 Cabin
K1001468 DH60-7 Fuse Box


 DH-7 Multiple Models Wiring

Part Number Model  Wiring Part
530-00150 Multi-use Ignition Switch
530-00205 Multi-use Right Control Panel
530-00206A Multi-use Left Control Panel
530-00207B Multi-use Electric Box
530-00208E Multi-use Operator Cabin
530-00209 Multi-use Power Switch
530-00231A Multi-use Monitor
2530-6005A Multi-use AC 
530-00213A Multi-use Audio 
2530-6005A Multi-use Windshield Sweeper
530-0031D1 DH300-7 / DH370-7 Lamp
530-0031D2 DH370-7 / DH420-7 Lamp
530-0031D3-A DH225-7 / DH225-9 Lamp
530-0031D4 DH150-7/ DH150W Lamp
530-00190B-A DH225-7 / DH258-7 Engine Wiring
310207-00021A DH225-7 Main Chassis (Alt: 530Y00259)
2530-1609D10-C DH220-7 / DH258-7 Lamp
530-00327A-B DH215-7 / DH220-7  Engine Wiring
310207-00020 DH215-7 / DH220-7 Main Chassis
530-0210A-B DH300-7 Main Chassis (Alt: 310207-00023)
530-00211A-A DH300-7 Engine Wiring
2510-1010 DH-7 Fuse Box
310207-00028 DH150-7 Main Chassis
530-00475A-A DH150-7 Engine Wiring
310207-00022 DH258-7 Main Chassis
310207-00024 DH370-7 Main Chassis
530-00229C DH370/420/500-7 Engine Wiring
53000244B DH420-7 Main Chassis
530-00228A DH500-7 Main Chassis


DOOSAN DH-5 Models

Part Number Model Wiring Part
2530-1604C DH220-5 Operator Cabin
2530-1607L-A DH220-5 Main Chassis
2530-1608B DH220-5 Engine Wiring
530-00016B-A DH258-5 Main Chassis
2530-1631C DH300-5/DH258-5 Engine Wiring
2530-1630K DH300-5 Main Chassis

DOOSAN DH-9 Models

Part Number Model Wiring Part
310207-007888 DH225-9 Main Chassis
310207-00694A DH225-9 Engine Wiring
310207-00802 DH225-9/DH215-9 Left Control Panel
310207-00801A DH215/225-9 Operator Cabin
310207-00800 DH215/225-9 Electric Box



Part Number Model Wiring Part
310207-00247B DX260 Main Chassis
310207-00273B DX260 Engine Wiring
310207-00314B DX260 Power Switch
310207-00314B DX260 Operator Cabin
530-00418D1 DX260/DX300 Lamp
310207-02262A DX260/DX300 Left Control Panel
310207-02240A DX260/DX300 Right Control Panel
310207-01137B DX260/DX300 Electric Box
310207-00783 DX260/DX300 Side Wiring
K1026359A DX300 Engine Wiring
310207-00018 DX300 Main Chassis
310207-02261A DX300 Operator Cabin
310207-01640B DX300 Power Switch

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