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CATERPILLAR Accelerator Motor Actuator: Your Top Supplier

Excavator Accelerator Actuator Motor for CAT 312B 312C 320B 320C 330B 330C

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If you are reading this, then you are probably looking for a CAT Accelerator Motor Replacement or a supplier for this item.

*The above image is a genuine part. We also sell them at 1270 USD.

The list of part numbers for this accelerator motor are as below:

247-5231, 247-5212, 247-5227, 247-5207, 247-5232

If you need any of these accelerator motor, you are in the right place. You can request a quote from us or use the Facebook live chat at the bottom right corner.

We offer a cost-effective solution!

We have some of the most cost-effective accelerator motor around. The price is 322 USD. 

How does it compare to a genuine CAT motor? On the market, it is usually 1300 USD and above.

You can save more than 900 USD. 

This is our aftermarket CAT accelerator motor.

The Quality

It is much better than the motors that are sold by most Chinese companies. Ours are made with Japanese main components. Almost 80% of our motor priced at 322 USD is made in Japan.


As you can see above, our quality is superior than other average accelerator motor. It uses various original and Japanese parts and the price is well justified. When compared to average motor, it has:

  • Much longer lifetime (We offer 6 months warranty)
  • Higher heat tolerance
  • Higher precision and consistency

Hence, always contact us if you want it. We will be happy to answer your request.

Salespersonnel: Nicholas Ngu

Whatsapp: +60128793220


Or as always, we have installed the Facebook messenger at the bottom right for you. Replies will be made within 24 hours.

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