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CATERPILLAR 320C Governor Motor Calibration Instructions

How to calibrate 320C Governor Motor?

Did you notice that your acceleration motor gets stuck or capped at certain top speed and it's not going up?

Maybe your throttle motor and your excavator gets desynced. That means speed will be capped by either motor or excavator. Try recalibrate to see if the issue gets resolved. You should also always calibrate your governor accelerator motor when you are installing a new one as new governor motor has different throttle value than your excavator.

Below are 320C Acceleration Motor Calibration Complete Steps

Step 1:

On monitor, press MENU Button

Step 2:

Press down 3 times to special settings

Step 3:

Confirm and input password. Default password is FFF2

Step 4:

Enter the SERVICE panel

Step 5: 

Go down 1 slot and go right until you see CALIBRATION

Step 6:

Go down until you reach STANDBY and confirm

Step 7:

It should display SP, press confirm and start calibrating. 

When calibrating, there should be a number display something like (-4 or 4) or anywhere between the value. If it's positive value try loosed up the bolt at the end of the governor motor cable. If it's negative try tighten the bolt.


Product link: 320C monitor

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Do let the author know if there's any error in any of the steps. 

Best wishes.

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