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CAT Wire Harness | Repair It Yourself

Can you fix only part of the CAT Main Wire Harness?

CAT 306-8777 320D Wire Harness

The short answer is: yes

Yes, you can replace part of your machine large wire harness that needs to replaced as long as you know what you are doing. 

You can get most of the components of the wire harness from us

We do have those replacement parts. Most of the components that our clients need are connector plugs, ECM plugs, sensor plugs, solenoid plugs and etc. If the connectors on the wire, we do have it. 

Sometimes clients also require a small part of the wire, it's quite difficult to put different sections into words so you might as well just contact me through Whatsapp +60128793220 or email to verify the wire harness you need.

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