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Buy Excavator Parts in South America: Our policy and risks

First of all, we appreciate our customers from South America and we thank them for their interest in our business. This posts strive to address our policy, common problems and risks involving in shipping to South America. 

Excavator parts to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile

What are the shipping fees to South America for excavator parts?

We deliver via couriers to our customers and the shipping fees to South America, as you would expect, is high. Distance is the main reason, and the other reason is because we use EMS shipping. We use EMS to cover the high risks of shipping to South America. It is the courier with highest chances of passing customs and avoiding taxes.


A few days before writing this, we sent one accelerator motor to Argentina. The shipping cost for 2.5kg item is 80USD for EMS.

The risks and common problems

Before placing an order, our customers should be aware:

1. High chances of being blocked by customs, especially branded goods, that means excavator parts. On our side, we can do what we can to have higher chances of passing customs and if your order arrives without being taxed, you are lucky. If it arrives on time without being taxed, you are very lucky. 

2. HIGH TAXES. Please be aware of your countries' taxes. The taxes can double the original prices of the item. Long time ago, I sent an Adidas shoes to Argentina. It ends up, the shoes got taxed 300% of its original price. It can be the case for your item if you order items from us. Please be prepared.

3. A lot of returns. Sending to South America means a lot of returns. There can be many reasons, and we don't have much control. It could be the documents, the customs people made a mistake or just in a bad mood and look for trouble in your parcel and etc.

We are not responsible for taxes. It is our customer's responsibility.

Please understand this. We will try what we can to deliver to you, tax free, but that is not always possible. We can't do much if there is problem with a country's customs. We can write a sample and declare a lower value but there is no guarantee that it will pass.

If your order gets blocked by the customs and is subject to high taxes and wishes for a refund, you can but we can't refund shipping costs, because we don't get refunds from EMS if it got stuck or sent back. 

For example, if you order a CAT Solenoid Valve (Value: 114USD) and wishes us to ship it for you (EMS 30USD), it will be 144USD total. We don't earn the 30USD, we pay it to EMS. Hence, if it got stuck and got sent back to us, the 30USD paid to EMS is gone, we don't get the money back. So if this is the scenario, we can only refund you 114USD which is the value of the product. 

In conclusion, these are the issues that you might face when ordering from us, or when you order for any other import. Please read this to be clear of both of our responsibilities. We will always do what we can on our side, but after the product is handled by shipping companies, we don't have any control over how things work.

We really thank you for reading this, and we hope that one day we can trade easily with our South Americans customers.

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