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121-1491 CAT320B CAT320C Solenoid Valve: Prices and Origins

Solenoid Valve for CAT320B CAT320C: Part number 121-1491

The status on the market

As far as we are concerned, there prices of CATERPILLAR E320B and E320C solenoid valves can varies wildly. Some sold as 50USD on ebay. Others are sold as 110USD. What are the differences?

As a long-time trader for this part. I'd like to share some experience when trading this product.

Most of those sold on ebays are made in China, and if it's made in Japan, they would tell you. There are 3 main prices for this item that is sold by factories and as you expect, quality is different.

The cheapest one is made in China, and the quality is average, at best. I've sold some of these in the past and they are not well received by customers. As expected, the cost of acquisition of this item is very low. There isn't any major problems but the amount of customer complains I received for selling these low-end solenoids made me decided to stop selling these once and for all.

The one in the middle price range is also, made in China, and the quality is slightly better. My customers had less problems but nonetheless, it was not as good as the original. The problems are very minor but it's better than the cheapest one. For most customers, the quality is still acceptable. The lifetime is also quite reasonable and it's a cost-effective choice for many end-users.

The one with the highest pricing, is made in Japan. Here, we sell it as 114USD and it's a fair price. The ones made in Japan are as good as the original genuine parts. Our customer's only problem with the part is, the price, obviously. And also, it runs out of stock very quickly. Other than the price, there is almost never any complain with the quality. Top-notch.  

There it is, the price and origins of this CAT part explained. In Ironfield Excavators, we sell one with 56USD, and the other one as 114USD. We understand our customers have different needs and if you're looking for one, you can purchase directly in the link below.

CAT320B CAT320C 121-1491 Solenoid Valve

For end-users, I'd always recommend the one made in Japan. The quality is as good as original. And also, we do have some full set of Caterpillar solenoids for sale. 

You can always contact us if you are interested. 

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